Limits are what makes life special

Gudrun Cartwright
2 min readMar 15, 2022


In our society limits are taboo.

We want to feel invincible. Do and have whatever we want, whenever we want. Life will last forever. Staying young is our birthright.

Celebrity culture suggests we can live impossible lives. Advertisers tell us one more shiny thing will make us happy. Borrow money if you can’t afford it. Don’t worry, there won’t be consequences.

But every action has an opposite and equal reaction and we are starting to see real limits coming home to roost:

  • Our consumption extravaganza economy uses 1.75 planets of resources annually.
  • A lack of restraints on people’s behaviour gave Covid-19 a free reign to spread and mutate.
  • The focus on a particular form of beauty has driven people become ill by obsessing over looks rather than health.

But limits are what makes life special

On Sunday evening, after a wonderful weekend, my husband and I were lamenting how short they always are. But, in reality, if it was always the weekend, they wouldn’t mean as much.

So, let’s embrace limits

Oliver Burkeman’s book, 4,000 weeks helped me see that what matters, what actually makes life good, is consciously accepting I can’t have it all. Can’t be it all. Choosing always shuts the door to something.

And see them for the gift they are

Because the key to a good life is learning to be content within our bodies and our means. Focusing our drive for more and better into creativity and contribution. Appreciating life is finite and enjoying every precious moment.

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