On Earth Day let’s invest in hope for the future we want to live in

  1. Active Hope — Joanna Macey and Chris Johnstone
  2. It’s difficult to feel hopeful when our individual actions aren’t enough. But reframing hope as actively working towards a thriving future for people and nature builds the courage and compassion to try, regardless of the outcome. In turn making that future more likely.
  3. The Understory — Richard Powers
  4. This is one of very few books I have read multiple times. Featuring a group of disparate characters and their relationship with trees, it provides a new perspective on our view of time and our place within something so much bigger than our own short lives.
  5. The Boudica series — Manda Scott
  6. These stories reconnect us with indigenous Britons and how they lived with the land and each other in ways that we have entirely lost. They tell of courage in the relentless face of a ruthless ideology and show how standing up so that others can live on to keep alive the vision for a better way is as important as winning a victory.



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Gudrun Cartwright

Gudrun Cartwright

Working on being a grownup fit for the 21st Century. Climate Justice Campaigner. Permaculture Designer. Doing my best to live my truth.