What does it mean to be a good grownup in the 21st Century?

Recognise that we live in a closed system where everything is interconnected and interdependent

So your actions count. There’s no ‘away’ to throw things. Our bargain tech, clothes, food, etc probably equal poverty and exploitation elsewhere. Luck and unearned privilege underpin success more than we dare admit.

Be thoughtful and well informed

In a busy, busy modern life, it’s easy to have no time to think and learn.

Live by design

Sometimes we fall into a life path and move relentlessly forward without ever considering if what we are doing aligns with what’s important to us.



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Gudrun Cartwright

Gudrun Cartwright


Working on being a grownup fit for the 21st Century. Climate Justice Campaigner. Permaculture Designer. Doing my best to live my truth.