Wherever you go, there you are — how I am learning to like living with myself and you can too

Gudrun Cartwright
2 min readMay 4, 2022


Sometimes our biggest challenges are internal.

Life can be overwhelming. Work. Family. Friends. Adulting. It can often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

And when you get some time to yourself to relax… Guess what? There you are. Which can be quite hard to live with.

But in reality, we are our only constant companions, so we need to like living with who we are if we are to find any peace of mind.

I find this super hard. Especially as I have ADHD.

I can’t sit still. My mind constantly whirrs and I am pulled in a million directions. I often end up squandering the time for me and my wellbeing by being indecisive or getting distracted.

Planning stuff in doesn’t work so well for me either.

I want to be structured, but when the time for what I planned comes around, I often don’t feel like doing it. Then I feel bad for not wanting to do what I planned and end up faffing about and giving myself a hard time.

It’s only since my ADHD diagnosis 18 months ago, that I have realised this is actually OK.

It is who I am.

While there are aspects of myself I wish I could change, there are others that I love. It takes all of those aspects to make me.

And if I don’t want to be me I won’t ever be happy in my own skin.

So now, I don’t try to be different so much. I accept I need flexibility. Rest. Quiet. Time alone. Connections with nature. To exercise my body, mind and spirit daily. Eat well. Consume less. Be creative. Enjoy good books and TV. Speak up more. Fidget as needed. Let my hair down and have some fun.

And not feel like I need to be executing a master plan to be a well functioning grownup. It’s OK to meander. Pick from a menu each day so I can flex to my moods & interests. And do nothing if that feels right too.

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